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Single Gas Personal Monitor
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Gas Detectors

As part of our overall safety offering, Middlesex Gases offers a comprehensive range of gas detectors. If your needs are for portable units or if you require wall mounted systems, we can provide your solution. Gas detectors let your employees work safely at their cells or by operating in confined spaces. There are numerous OSHA and other requirements depending on your operation.


You may require detection of a single gas, such as Oxygen or Carbon Monoxide. The GasWatch 2 from RKI is a convenient, inexpensive hands-free single-gas monitor that can be comfortably worn on the wrist like a watch. It has multiple alarms: audible, visual and vibrator.

For confined space concerns, usually 4 gas monitor is needed: LEL combustible (methane or pentane), % Oxygen level, H2S and CO.

Wall Mounted Units

Gas detection should be simple. Products such as RKI's Beacon® 110 or the Pioneer 16R provide versatile & low cost solutions. These controllers accept up to 16 points of gas detection utilizing separate 4-20 mA sensors.

Not only does Middlesex Gases provide these detectors, but we also provide the calibration and bump gases that might be required.