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MicroBulk Gases

Perma-Cyl (LN2, AR, CO2, O2)

Any downtime is costly for industrial laser & fabrication applications that require continuous gas supply. Middlesex Gases has the answer for you!

Our MicroBulk delivery system provides your business with a reliable and secure supply of the gases. Our system effortlessly manages your MicroBulk and Small Bulk Gas storage and refilling needs, automatically, letting you focus on your process - we'll manage your inventory requirements.

Middlesex Gases' Perma-Cyl (MicroBulk) solution replaces cryogenic dewars and high-pressure cylinder handling and changeouts with a single low-pressure storage tank.


Perma-Cyl vessels will allow cryogenic liquid to be held for very long periods without venting. You get the benefit of high volume with the product losses you get from dewars.

MicroBulk Delivery System-The Middlesex Solution for Process Gas Applications


The Laser-Cyl has been designed specifically for laser applications. With an automatic pressure builder and economizer system to deliver optimal pressure up to 500 psig (34.5 bar), the Laser-Cyl puts total control at your fingertips. The built-in vaporizer coil supplies gas at continuous flow rates up to 575 SCFH (15.1 Nm3).

The Laser-Cyl is a high performance option to expensive manifolded high-pressure cylinder banks. It operates on a differential pressure liquid level gauge that accurately shows the product level. All operational valves are easy to reach, located on the top of the tank.

Laser-Cyl Designed Specifically for Laser Applications.


The Trifecta is the industry standard for providing assist gases to laser cutting systems. This high-flow high-pressure gas system provides pressures up to 500 PSIG to any process application requiring high pressure solutions.

This system is highly dependable and simple to use. The Trifecta is a high-pressure, automatic, computer-controlled system that provides a continuous flow of gas. You get a trouble free operation for your laser-assist gas or virtually any application that requires high pressure and high flow.

Trifecta Laser Assist Gas Supply System.